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To Add a Java Script Search Engine to your own website, first download the following...

search.js (Download Time: less than 1 min.)

The above file is the java script based program that will perform the search. You will first need to edit the script for use on your own website. This is very simple! Right Click your Mouse Button on the "search" icon. A pulldown menu should appear. Left Click your Mouse Button on the "Edit" Tab.
(See Illustration Below)

A Simple Text Editor program, such as Notepad, should open the file allowing you to view and edit it.
Find the section of the java script that looks similar to this:

d[0] = 'Keywords,Keywords';
h[0] = 'http://';
u[0] = 'Website Title';
a[0] = 'Arthor';
b[0] = 'Description';

Notice there are several more of these little paragraphs following the same pattern. DO NOT Delete the section shown above for your future reference. The other similar paragraphs should be deleted and are only there as examples.

Notice the change in numbers [0],[1],[2]...
Repeat the pattern when adding your own pages to the search engine.
  1. Replace "Keywords,Keywords" with the keywords that will bring up the page in a search. Seperate each keyword WITH a comma(,) and NO SPACES.
  2. Replace "http://" with the URL of the Web Page to be searched for.
  3. Replace "Website Title" with a title for the searched Web Page.
  4. Replace "Arthor" with the creator of the Web Page.
  5. Replace "Description" with a description of the listed Web Page.

Every Page you desire to be listed in the search must be added by using this method.

NOTE: There will be a symbol that will look like a "box" after each line. DO NOT delete these and make sure they come after each line in of the mini paragraphs.

You can add as many of these descriptions as you wish as long as you make sure the bracketed numbers [0],[1],[2] continually increase.

Don't forget to save it and upload it to your website as "search.js"

You will need to place the line:

<script language="JavaScript1.1" src=""></script>

Between the <HEAD> and </HEAD> Tags on your web page.
Replace "" with the full URL path of the javascript search file including the filename and extension.

IMPORTANT: You must also change the same line in the "search.js" javascript document. You should find it about 3 lines down from the top of the page.

Finally, Copy and Paste the HTML Code listed below somewhere on your web page. (This will produce a "Search the Website" Box like the one at the top of this page.)

<TR><TD><FONT COLOR="#000066"></FONT></TD><TD><FONT COLOR="#007FFF" SIZE=6>Search <FONT COLOR="#FFFFFF" SIZE=6>the Website</FONT></FONT><HR COLOR="#FFFFFF"></TD></TR>
<TD WIDTH="150"><FONT COLOR="#000066"></FONT></TD>
<TD WIDTH="350">
<FONT COLOR="#FFFFFF" SIZE=2>Enter search words below and then click Search.</FONT><BR>
<FORM NAME="formular" onsubmit="suche(document.formular.eingabe.value);return false;">
<FONT COLOR="#007FFF" SIZE=5><B>Search</B></FONT>
<INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="eingabe" SIZE="25">
<INPUT TYPE="button" VALUE="Search" onClick="suche(document.formular.eingabe.value)">
<FORM NAME="ra">
<tr><TD><P ALIGN="RIGHT"><B><FONT SIZE=2 COLOR="#FFFFFF">Search Options:</FONT></B>
<BR><FONT COLOR="#000066"></FONT></P></TD>
<td align=left>
<font face="Arial,Helvetica,Sans-Serif" size="1">
<input type=radio checked name="r" value="or"><FONT COLOR="#FFFFFF">Matches on any word (OR)</FONT>
<input type=radio name="r" value="and"><FONT COLOR="#FFFFFF">Matches on all words (AND)</FONT>

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