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  • Basic Tags- The Basic Tags needed to create an HTML Document
  • Text- Different Options for Showing Text
  • Images- Add Images to a Web Page
  • Hyperlinks- Create Hyperlinks to other Web Pages
  • E-Mail Link- Create an E-Mail Link
  • Dividers- Add a Colored Divider Bar to a Web Page
  • Background- Customize Background Options
  • Tables- Construct a Table
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  • Marquee- Scroll Text Across the Screen
  • Dropdown- Create a Dropdown Menu
  • Status Bar- Change the Text a Viewer will see on the Status Bar
  • Mouseover- An Object changes when the Mouse Hovers Over It
  • States- Dropdown List of the 50 States (Useful in Forms)
  • Meta Tags- Get better rankings with Search Engines
  • Frames- Learn how to add frames to a web page
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Java Scripts
  • Status Bar- Continuation of Status Bar Options
  • Date/Time- Display the Date and Time onto the Web Page
  • Search Engine- Get a Search Engine to Search your own Website
  • Rotation- Ad Banner Rotation Script
  • Preload- Preload Images into the Web Viewers Cache File
  • Alerts- Alert Messages (Useful for Forms)
  • Buttons- Buttons with Different Actions (Ex.) Back, Foward, Print
  • Frames- Get Rid of someone else's Frames on Your Page
  • Window- Open a New Window or a Pop-Up Window
  • Mouseover- An Object changes when the Mouse Hovers Over It
  • No Right Click- Prevent Picture & Source Code Theft
  • Alert Enter- Alert Message on Page Load
  • Alert Exit- Alert Message on Page Exit
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Gif Paintshops
  • 20/20- Create and Convert graphics into a Gif (Freeware)
  • Animated Gifs- Create Animated Gif Files (Shareware)
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| Counters

  • StatCounter- Get Web Statistics and Track your visitors
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